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Motorcycle from Motor (internal combustion engine) and Cycle Engine

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In 1884, Englishman Edward Butler on the bike to install a power plant, made a tricycle, using kerosene powered hair. In 1885, the "Father of the car's" Teli Bu German Daimler made single-cylinder gasoline engine-driven air three-wheeled motorcycle. August 29 the same year he won the patent. Therefore, Daimler is the world's recognized as the inventor of the motorcycle. Daimler's first motorcycle is powered by a four-stroke internal combustion engine, the cylinder working cellar for 264 cubic centimeters, at 700 revolutions per minute, power up to 0.5 horsepower, speeds up to 12 km. Car for the wooden structure, the rear of the belt drive, on both sides of the auxiliary support wheels. Given the irreplaceable historical status of the Daimler, the German Association of Engineers judenburg branch after his death, Hugh Tate Plaza in Kansas established his monument, because he is in this square driving his first car motorcycle.
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